Project Description

SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION | National Mall – Washington, D.C.

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Interactive Gateway

Visitors to the Smithsonian can make daily visits to “the nation’s attic” and still not see it all. Now with The Gateway interactive display, they can explore and discover the Smithsonian’s immense and irreplaceable content in an astounding and individual way.

D3 and partner Potion developed a multiuser table and an enormous custom display wall built directly into the entry hall of The Castle, the museum’s 19th century nerve center. In just its premiere month alone, The Gateway showed some 40,000 videos via the video wall and table. That’s about two videos a minute.

D3 created this interactive display dynamo of more than 320 square feet across 300+ digital tiles. The Gateway showcases high-resolution video of the Smithsonian’s full gamut—including natural wonders, American relics, cultural memorabilia, and more.

Stretching from floor to ceiling, the Gateway is the largest permanent LED wall on the National Mall to date. Want to see a video on aerospace? Dive in. Entertainment and culture? Pop in. Nature and wildlife? Zoom in. If it’s on The Smithsonian Channel, it’s primed for your interactive experience.

Please Do Touch

As visitors approach, the interactive display comes to life. Up to a dozen people at a time can gather at the table to browse through content, select whatever catches their attention, and play interactive games.

There’s something for everyone at The Smithsonian—and The Gateway honors that principle. Visitors young and old enjoy assembling at the table, which converts intermittently to a large scale, multi-user game throughout the day. Players vie by tapping tiles to select the next highlighted category to play on the wall. The wall can also be programmed for special events as a fully customizable display device.
This exciting technological wonder spans generations by bringing 21st century interactive wizardry to The Smithsonian, engaging curious minds of all ages.

The Specs: How We Did It

  • D3® NCORE® NC4.0 HD LED Display
  • 456 modules displaying 1,867,776 total pixels
  • 20’ high x 16’ wide state-of-the-art interior video wall
  • 1,536 x 1,216 pixels

Control System and Software Solution