Project Description

SAHARA LAS VEGAS | Las Vegas, Nevada

Display Collection
Controls System
Software Solution

Light Walking and Night Dancing

As part of a $415 million renovation to the Sahara Las Vegas, D3 consulted with KT Designers to develop the digital glass floor at the casino entrance and a semitransparent LED mesh display in the LiFE nightclub.

D3 engineered a High Bright LED lighting solution beneath the glass floor, the primary feature welcoming guests into the mixed-use resort and casino, This vivacious visual display enables glowing colors, movement, and shapes to generate wonder and delight beneath visitors’ feet. Fritted glass, which is porous to allow liquid to permeate, captures light onto the surface of the floor generated by 5,248 of D3’s Dynamic Dots that illuminate the floor from below. Each dot produces one pixel of the complete video image and is individually controllable via via D3’s True Control software paired with a Madrix software software. Mirrored ceiling and floor tiles reflect the lighting throughout the expansive entry into the casino and retail shopping by Fred Segal.

The Drama Unfolds

Sahara Las Vegas’ premier nightclub LiFE also benefits from the D3 treatment. A free-hanging mesh LED display integrates with the sound system to sync the display’s visual content with music. Designed with high-contrast black finishes and linear apertures to create transparency, the video display creates a hologram-like feeling by allowing light to illuminate from behind. Heightened with dramatic theatrical flood accents shining from the back, the black finishes create the illusion of an invisible display when paired against the black backdrop of the nightclub. Adding to the club’s exuberance, LiFE’s premier and up-and-coming DJ talents create a vibrant dance experience of light, sound, and movement with D3’s mesh display as the anchoring central canvas.

The Specs: How We Did It

Life Nightclub

  • D3® NTECH® Dynamic LED Display NT-18 Mesh
  • 224 x 736 pixels Display

Casino Entrance Floor

  • D3® Dynamic Dots DDT-MP: 5,248

Control System and Software Solution

  • D3® AEP™ Advanced Element Processor
  • D3® TrueControl Software Management System
  • Madrix Control System
  • D3® Dynamic Data System DDS-16
  • D3® Dynamic Power Data System DPD-600