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RIVER CATS BALLPARK | West Sacramento, California

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Take Me Out to the Ballpark

The Sacramento River Cats, a mainstay of America’s favorite summer pastime, has a freshly upgraded centerfield display, a change-up from the one installed by D3 ten years earlier.

This time around, the stadium decided to go bigger — from 19-feet-tall to one that’s more than double in height to 45 feet. The new display also features 10mm-pitch surface mounted diodes (SMDs), representing a substantial technology upgrade from the previous 12mm lamp-style diodes. The result is a remarkable enhancement in resolution and clarity sure to be appreciated by players, fans, and media for years to come.

D3: Adding Value. Lowering Costs.

One of the ways D3 added value and kept costs down was to refurbish the original 12mm lamp-style modules from the earlier display. While the older modules don’t match the finer image quality of the new SMDs, they still had plenty of life left in them.

D3 uninstalled the old modules from the centerfield display, inspected them one by one, did a clean-up on each of them, replaced defective parts, tested them to ensure full functionality, and remounted them in landscape banner displays engineered over the first and third bases.

Now spectators get a wide-angle view of the action across the whole field. The cost savings created by this arrangement further reinforced a valued relationship D3 has long had with the River Cats and the ballpark.

Spectators enjoying refreshments in the Legacy Club won’t miss a moment of the action, thanks to the giant D3® NCORE® HD LED Display video wall that shows multiple games and stats.

The Specs: How We Did It

Center Field Scoreboard

  • D3® XVIEW® Dynamic LED Display XV10
  • 1,116 modules displaying 1,296 x 1,016 pixels
  • 39’2″ high x 45’4″ wide state-of-the-art display

First and Third Bases

  • D3® XVIEW® Dynamic LED Display XV12
  • 3’9″ high x 50’ wide LED displays

Left Field

  • D3® XCORE® Dynamic LED Display XC20
  • 896 modules displaying 112 x 2,048 pixels
  • 7’4″ high x 134’5″ wide

Legacy Video Wall

  • D3® NCORE® HD LED Display NC4.0
  • 91 modules displaying 448 x 832 pixels

Control System and Software Solution

  • D3® AEP™ Advanced Element Processor control system manages all the LED technology throughout the ballpark.
  • D3® TrueControl Display Manager