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Miami’s Changed Skyline in Nineteen Stories

Creating a canvas for digital art to welcome visitors to Miami, Florida’s premier luxury hotel, InterContinental Miami, was a dream come true for us. ICM commissioned D3 and a team of industry veterans to create an astounding 19-story outdoor digital display. “When our guests walk through the doors, they are stepping inside a hotel that captures the pulse of this city,” says Robert Hill, general manager of InterContinental Miami.

More than 90,000 individually controllable pixels and 300,000 LEDs generated this momentous landmark design. The inaugural video exhibit depicts a vibrant dancing silhouette developed by media consultants ETI and Fresh Juice Global. As changing exhibits unfold for Miami and the art community, freshly produced video artwork displayed on the digital canvas rivet visitors and locals alike.

Business and hotel developer Strategic Hotels and Resorts assembled a team of talented technology and design specialists to execute the visuals created by lighting designer LAM Partners and architect Thomas Roszak. Sister companies Fresh Juice Global and ETI, alongside D3, delivered the technical expertise, LED and systems technology, bringing the design team’s vision into reality. Installation and engineering consultants included McGuire Engineers, Ortega Construction, Terrabridge, and Victoria Electric.

Innovation at Work

D3’s primary task was to develop an LED lighting solution that could distribute data seamlessly across a controlled digital network, enabling the display to span two sides of the hotel tower. D3 custom engineered Dynamic Video Linears for ICM’s digital media display, featuring multicolor content visible throughout greater downtown Miami and across Biscayne Bay. Each 8-foot-long luminaire with Nichia LEDs and custom finish integrates into the hotel’s existing architecture. To help promote optimal hospitality, the design includes a special baffle ensuring the LED lights would not disturb guests staying in any of the 228 rooms.

To complement the digital media display, Lohan Anderson + Roszak and LAM Partners envisioned a supporting cast of color-changing light with effects generated by ETI. D3 provided high-powered D3® Dynamic Linears for the top of the building and to backlight a latticework of metal screens spanning the length of the hotel’s parking garage. RGBW Dynamic Round Floods glide up the side of the hotel tower as soaring RGB accents.

Brand on Display

Entering from the north, visitors to ICM are greeted by a 24mm D3 LED display flanked by architectural glass before they pass under a spectacular origami-shaped glass archway. They are then met at the concierge desk with a smaller archway backlit by D3® Dynamic Dots. ETI and Fresh Juice Global have created a digital playground where light forms shapes and fluid movements, all beautifully coordinated to music and imagery.

The flexibility of the technology also allows ICM to create one-of-a-kind branded experiences for customers and guests during onsite events.

The Specs: How We Did It

Display & Lighting Solution

  • D3® XVIEW® Dynamic LED Displays XV24-LMP
  • D3 Dynamic Video Linear High Power DVL-HP: 228
  • D3 Dynamic Dots DDT-MP: 4392
  • D3 Dynamic Round Floods DRF-MP: 48
  • D3 Fifteen Degree Dynamic Linears DLR-HP: 81
  • D3 Sixty Degree Dynamic Linears DLR-HP: 149

Control Systems and Software Solutions

  • D3® AEP™ Advanced Element Processor
  • D3® TrueControl® Software Management System: 1
  • Madrix Control System: 1
  • D3® Dynamic Data System DDS-16: 6
  • D3® Dynamic Power Data System DPD-600: 52