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The GAP | Magnificent Mile – Chicago, Illinois

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Magnificent Smiles

Bringing in customers is what drives a retailer. Building robust customer relationships is what drives The Gap. When a store’s premier address is on the Magnificent Mile, shoppers flock from far and wide to delight in Chicago’s famed mecca of merchandise.

To help ensure that its destination store is worthy of its location on North Michigan Avenue, Gap Inc. called on D3 to elevate excitement, making the shopping experience one to remember. Ultra-high definition photography on a supersize scale sets the tone that this is no ordinary trip to the store. It’s an environmental experience that connects brand and image with its customer base, boosting long-term loyalty and cementing The Gap as a higher power in retailing.

High-Powered Imagery

With its focus on customer relationships, The Gap looked to D3 to paint the canvas with larger-than-life brand impact. Chicago’s renowned architect, Stanley Tigerman, created the post-modern architecture’s soaring heights and voluminous display opportunities, giving D3 the freedom to work with ample space. We installed a high-resolution LED display filling nearly a three-story atrium wall that greets shoppers as they begin their adventure. Together, D3 and ComQi combined LED display technologies to deliver an eye-popping photographic factor.

D3 was determined to maximize the windows in the atrium, despite the challenges they posed. With a wall of glass that massive, the LED display could easily be overpowered by ambient light. Enter D3’s NCORE HD LED Display, which is ideally suited for the task at hand. With 1,327,104 pixels, The Gap’s LED display delivers vibrancy and illumination, while standing up to a persistent stream of natural light.

As customers approach, they’re welcomed by Gap Inc.’s chic ad images on the impressive display that measures a striking 30’ high x 17’ wide. Today, The Gap at 555 N. Michigan Avenue continues to stand strong as one of Chicago’s focal points in one of the highest profile retail settings in the world.

The Specs: How We Did It


  • D3® NCORE® NC6.0 HD LED Display
  • 1,296 modules displaying 1,327,104 total pixels
  • 1,536 x 864 pixels
  • 30’ high x 17’ wide state-of-the-art interior video wall

Control System and Software Solution